Workshop - Gallery

These pictures have been seelcted to give you a flavour of what the inside of the Workshop looks like and the activities that go on here.  No two days are the same.  One day you might find all three of us hard at work.  On other occasions it might be just one or two of us as we sometimes work from home.  We have a small shop area where you are welcome to browse.  There is a fitting room for when you need to get measured up or you need to try on something we are making for you.  If our embroidery machines are running we will be happy to take you in to let you watch.   If you are interested in weaving we will take you next door to The Loomshed to see our loom in action.   We don't sell any fabrics, but we will happily show you our stock so you can choose what you want for your own bespoke piece.   Do come and visit.

A selection of our Harris Tweed wraps and scarves


looking beyond our cutting table to our work area


Ruth working at her sewing machine


Rachel cutting out tweeds for hats


We have to dress up our shop at Christmas time

Mary dressing one of the dress forms with a corset


A selection of Harris Tweed wall hangings


Keyrings, purses and bags all in Harris Tweed


Mary preparing to cut out a Buchanan tartan corset


Visitors having a closer look at our Hattersley loom