Tweed Weaving - Gallery

We have a traditional foot-pedalled Hattersley loom dating from the middle of last century on which we weave woollen tweeds similar in quality to Harris Tweed.  As long as there is a warp set up on the loom we will be happy to demonstrate the loom working.  If we are between tweeds, we will still be happy to take you into The Loomshed and explain how it works.   Ruth is a seasoned weaver - Rachel is still learning.   The loom can be a bit tempremental - but if it's all going smoothly you are welcome to watch.  

the empty loom with no tweed in place


Ruth preparing a warp for the loom


tying in the new warp in preparation for weaving


testing different colours of weft thread


Ruth weaving with a variety of grey yarns

The weft thread is wound on pirns in a shuttle


Rachel is learning to weave and how to avoid mistakes


Weaving orange and green stripes on an olive warp


The loom has to be pedalled to make it work


The cloth beam with a red stripey tweed - about 20m